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Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Win Giveaways

The reason I started this site is because I like to participate in giveaways. And, who does not like to win free prizes? What is Blog Giveaways

Blog giveaways are usually held by private bloggers. The gift or the prize would be provided by the blog owner or sponsors who would provide prizes and the blog owner only host the giveaway. 
Here is the example: Alice is the owner of the blog Starbucks lover, he decided to increase the number of her blog's followers and give presents to his current readers. So she bought a Starbucks gift card and holding a giveaway. 

Or the other way, Rembrandt is the owner of Playwii, so the sponsor (in this case Nintendo) approach Rembrandt and this sponsor wants him to promote their newest product. The sponsor will send Rembrandt a product to review, and promote a giveaway. 

How to win blog giveaways?

1. Read the rules
Giveaways rules could be too long to read, or you're just too lazy to read. Well, I guess I could just skip all the rules and just head to the rafflecopter as soon as possible. Who cares?  
The hosts care, they have spent a lot of efforts on writing their rules. Do not skip their rules, fail to read the rules and you will probably be disqualified and wasting your time entering when you are not eligible to win.  Example : Entering giveaways for the United States only when you actually live in Canada.

2. Search for short entry period
You will have a better chance to win a shorter period giveaway than three months long entry because the shorter one will have fewer competitors.

3. Search for low entry giveaways
First of all, you want to win your first giveaway, but you chose the biggest prize and there are a lot of people who would want to win the same prize, so you got a lot of competitors including some of them are cheaters. So, the best way to win a giveaway is to find the one that doesn't have a lot of entries, so your chance of winning would be increasing. 

So, how to find a blog giveaways with low entries? Simple, look for a blog that is not awfully popular, or having hundreds of followers. They would be happy to find a new followers, and you would have a bigger chance to win.

4. Find a giveaway with the prize that you really want
You want to win giveaways so much, so you enter every single one you can enter. In the end, you won something that you don't really want. Example : You want to win giveaways, so you enter so many, and in the end you win something that you already have, or ended up with clutters that you didn't really want in the first place. You are not that desperate, aren't you?

4. Be committed
In the end, you have to work for it. Bookmark the giveaway you entered. Make sure if you have done everything, and do extra entries. If the giveaway allows you to have an extra entry daily, do it. It will increase your winning chance. Be patient and be realistic, don't expect to win in your first try or expect to win every giveaways you entered.

5. Be careful of SCAM giveaway
I am sure that nobody wants to waste their time sharing the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media daily, but in the end there is no winner or the winner is the host him/herself or her/his own friend
I have already experienced something like this on one of the giveaway I entered, one of the blogger is hosting a giveaway and she made fake accounts to enter her own giveaway. When, she picks the winner, she picks her own fake account, so she doesn't have to spend anything. This kind of thing disgusts me, if you are not so hot on giving away something, please do not host giveaway! 

You can search if their website is a scam or report a scam giveaway here :

 6. Do not CHEAT
You know, sometimes some people just stoop so low.
I am just so disgusted by some cheaters who use multiple accounts, or saying they have done something, but they actually didn't do it. Do not CHEAT, especially if the host is using Rafflecopter you will be disqualified.

It's actually not really hard to win a giveaway, it just takes patience, persistence, and some work to win! So, have you won giveaways? How do you feel, and what did you win? Tell me about it!

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