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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Heart Giveaway | I won a Giveaway!

Hello dear Readers! I hope you are having a wonderful day.
I won a giveaway this week, I will try to make a post if I won a giveaway. 
I had a bad day yesterday, I had a boring class (I'm a college student), the class I attended is Cultural Exchange, the lecturer keeps pointing at me when he's talking about Chinese culture. Hello! Would you stop that please. 
After the class is over, I went home feeling tired, and head over my PC to check on my emails, when I saw an email with subject : 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winner, I thought "great another spam", I was wrong! It's totally real, I won a giveaway!
At that time I couldn't stop smiling and giggling XD

What did I win  ?
I won the giveaway at Alexandra's blog, 21st and Serendipity, and I got this beautiful Lorac Sweet Temptations 4 Pallet Eyeshadow Christmas Special Edition.

Isn't it gorgeous? I have emailed her, and I couldn't wait until this beautiful palettes arrived! I will post the photo and maybe a little swatch of this cuties when it arrives!

Thank you Alexandra for your amazing giveaway, check out her blog 21st and Serendipity
Did you win something recently? Tell me. ^_^

(I hope my writing is not making you bored or ticked off, sorry I'm not really fluent in English)


  1. selamat yaaa....
    aq jg minggu ini menang bbrp giveaways, rasanya seneng bgt n ga sbr utk trima lnsg hadiahnya...

    1. wah, congrats ya sis menang banyak giveaways!
      Sharing2 disini sist apa aja yang dimenangin :D

  2. check out this giveaway sweetie*

    1. Thanks for your comment, entered in your giveaway!