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Monday, April 20, 2015

About Indonesian Custom on Beauty Related Stuffs

For you who usually come here for international makeup giveaway, I won't ever post them again.
Why, you ask?
As you know our custom rejects makeup shipment, whatever brand we are getting, even for personal use.
FYI, read this cosmetics law from Indonesian Custom

Here's my story:
I ordered from legit website that everyone around the world knows and ordered from 2 months ago.
It never arrives, what arrives at my address is letter from Indonesian Post Office, stated that cosmetics are not welcome here.

What's unsettling here is there's a lot of fake, dangerous, unlicensed cosmetics that's "flooding" Indonesia's online shop that came from importer that has IJIN EDAR (Distribution License). Those dangerous cosmetics are being sold and used by thousands of Indonesian girls that they imported to Indonesia just because they have distribution license.
Image result for naked 5
Naked 5? Really?
We ordered cosmetics from respectable brand for PERSONAL USE that will not endanger other people but, no! Instead they allow importer who has distribution license imports unlicensed, fake, unbranded cosmetics and confiscated them after a lot of victims arose. So, why allow them in the first place?

Don't ever import cosmetics from overseas, it's just a waste of money. 
Do you ever has similar experience with custom? What do you think of it?

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